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*Urgent - please read*

I don't know this info first hand, but received this email which I'm passing on in case any of you animals lovers wish to help. I've emailed both addresses already myself to see first hand what the situation is and how I can help (and probably foster) myself.

Just opened this message now and I am sending it out to you right away. Please pass it on even if you "cannot help yourself". - Thank you
"The animal care workers in Hamilton may be going on strike as of Monday. If they do go on strike all animals in the shelter will be euthanized Monday morning as there will be no one at work to clean and feed. This includes all cats and small domestics (bunnies, hamsters etc.).

If anyone knows of anyone that may want to foster now is the time for them to start. Any ideas of what we can do to help is appreciated.

So sad that the animals have to pay with their lives.

Please contact tcrvolunteering@yahoo.ca and express your interest in helping/fostering or if you want to adopt please email tcr.adoptions@hotmail.com. "

Please, if anyone, can help them, email the TCR and let them know as soon as you can. I have heard numerous bad things about Hamilton and their apparent lack of compassion and concern for the well being of the companion animals in shelters there. Please contact TCR if you can help!

Director of Companion Animal Exploitation
With my thanks,


Looking into it further, here's what I've found so far on a newsgroup -- http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/dogstoronto/message/28968

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