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Sorry about the lack of notice on this issue, just found out yesterday.

There will be a rally with Saturday in Toronto at Queen's Park - North Side from 10:30-1pm
Come out and rally if you are opposed to Bill C-51!

On April 8th, 2008, the Canadian Minister of Health introduced Bill C-51 into the House of Commons. This Bill proposes significant changes to the current Food and Drugs Act that will have wide-ranging negative implications for all Canadians. This bill has already passed second reading. It appears that our Government is trying to fast track this bill before anyone has a chance to challenge it. Bills normally take months to pass not weeks.

Currently, many of our councilors and MPPs are unaware of the details to Bill C-51. How can we, as Canadian citizens, be informed when our government representatives are not even aware?

ACT NOW! Please take the time now to make your voice heard for the future of natural health products in Canada.

Bill C-51, if passed, will create a model for many natural health products that resembles the pharmaceutical model of restricted access through prescriptions only. Canadians must continue to have access and choice in achieving optimal health and well-being. Please participate.

What is Bill C-51?

FACT: Legislation tabled April 8th, 2008, by the federal government that proposes amendments to the Food & Drugs Act

FACT: Potential significant negative impact on the natural health products and foods industries. It does not currently affect the NHP Regulations

FACT: Proposes new increased enforcement powers, increased penalties to all sectors of the industry including retailers

FACT: Redefines: natural health products; cosmetics; medical devices; and cells, tissues, and organs as "therapeutic products"

FACT: The current Bill does NOT remove products from your shelves

FACT: We have to work together for change NOW; we need a THIRD Category for Natural Health Products

Consider How Bill C-51 Would Affect You:

* Many natural health products that have been sold in Canada for decades would become unavailable, and remaining products would cost much more (Sections 13 & 18.7);
* The government could designate any natural health product a prescription drug, making it available by prescription only (Section 15.1(4));
* You could be fined thousands of dollars or go to jail for giving your child or friend a natural health product (Sections 31 & 3(3) – expanded definition of "sell");
* Researchers would lose academic freedom: they could not study the beneficial effects of natural health products without first getting the government's permission (Sections 3(6) & 18.2);
* International laws that restrict access to natural health products could be made law in Canada without the approval of elected officials or any debate in the House of Commons (Sections 3(6) & 30(7));
* To enforce this new law, inspectors could enter private property and (Section 23):
o take anything at their discretion;
o never pay the owner for it;
o charge the owner of the property a fee for shipping it to a secure storage unit;
o charge the owner of the property fees for keeping it in storage;
o keep it in storage as long as they want; and/or
o dispose of it at will.

What You Can Do:

§ Learn more. Stop Bill C-51: http://www.healthcanadaexposed.com/c51backups/Canadian%20Rights%20Facts.htm ; Bill C-51 (Gov't of Canada): http://www2.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?Language=E&Parl=39&Ses=2&Mode=1&Pub=Bill&Doc=C-51_1

§ Contact your local MP (expressing your concerns about the Bill and the need for a third category, as promised in the 1998 Standing Committee on Health's Report): To find your local MP, go to: http://www2.parl.gc.ca/Parlinfo/Compilations/HouseOfCommons/MemberByPostalCode.aspx?Menu=HOC

§ Write a letter to your provincial Minister of Health and the federal Minister of Health, The Honourable Tony Clement, House of Commons, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6, tel: 613.944.7740, fax: 613.992.5092

§ Sign an online petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/billc51

§ Attend a Rally near you: http://www.stopc51.com/c51/find_rally.asp


* Download a flyer at www.inspiredlife.ca, print if off and hand it out to everyone and everywhere

For more information, contact Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) at 1.800.661.4510 or 416.497.6939 or info@chfa.ca. Also visit www.inspiredlife.ca for more information and to download some posters and handouts that you can personally distribute as well as several template letters that you can sign and deliver POSTAGE FREE to the Canadian Health Minister.

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